• 57:51
    We had to pay a visit to the welcher’s apartment since he left us no other choice after vanishing. A hot brunette opened the door. When I saw her, I felt her big boobs attract my hands like a magnet. The debtor wasn’t at home, so we had to repossess his most prized belonging – his sexy girlfriend. She did put up a fight at first but still found herself handcuffed in the interrogation room, eventually. “You and your hubby are in deep shit, babe. You need to call him right now.” – I said to her. She ringed him up and convinced the guy to turn himself in. Within five minutes, he was finally snatched by the long hand of the law. The guy didn’t know what to do, leaving his wife to clean up the mess… To repay his debt, she was willing to give us full control of her big boobs, juicy pussy, and playful mouth. She’s ready to fuck us while her hubby is forced to watch us from behind the bars.
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  • 33:44
    I noticed this couple in the mall. The guy was busy fiddling with an ATM, trying to complete some transaction. It was obvious to me that he wasn't successful in that regard, but his girlfriend did try to encourage him. The girl in question was a centerfold-worthy stunner with long legs, delicate firm breasts, and beautiful eyes. I came up with a great plan that starts with striking up a conversation. As it turns out, those two geniuses decided to make some money by jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. Without thinking long, I offered them to buy some BTC off of me for a great price. What happened next? Well, suffice to say, I got really lucky... I got to fuck this hottie in my office, on my desk! I stared into her beautiful eyes as she blew me. I explored her wet pussy while her husband just stood there in silence. It’s not like he can stop me anyway, I paid them in BTC after all.
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  • 43:22
    My partner and I discussed our last adventure when we caught a call about the act of vandalism. A famous ruined building which was chosen by the vandals. We got to the spot and crept carefully. We noticed a figure with a hood on. Person was facing away from us and painted the wall. Grabbing a vandal, we were surprised to find out that it was a girl. She had very appetizing forms, but she was rude to us. During the search, I tore off her hoodie away exposing her boobs. “This will serve you as a lesson, you cheeky bitch!” I told her. The girl tearfully asked to leave her alone but the crime does not pass without a trace. Half an hour later, she was already handcuffed to our table. The hooligan really wanted to repair the damage so being alone with my partner she took his big cock in her mouth and I lost my temper looking at her juicy ass and I fucked her right in the cage!
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  • 44:14
    It was a warm day. I had no business to do and was just sitting in a park enjoying the birds' chirping. Soon, a couple of roller skaters appeared. Guy was doing great but his girlfriend sucked. I watched them and it warmed up my interest that a girl had a really nice butt and each movement of hers made my dick twitch. Girl asked for a drink but the guy didn't have any money at all, even to buy her water. I couldn't miss my chance, so I offered to buy them water and to start a conversation... «Hey kid, having financial troubles, eh? I could help you out... Your girlfriend is so curvy you know what I mean? », I asked him. But it turned out that I wasn’t talking to the proper guy, the girl was the alpha in their couple, and it didn’t take much long to persuade her... after half an hour she eagerly sucked my dick and her pathetic boy meekly licked her feet. I couldn’t believe my eyes...
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  • 39:36
    It was a beautiful sunny day, and I took a catamaran hoping to rest on the lake. I hit the pedals and began sailing closer to the vacationers like me to chat a little. Suddenly, I noticed an interesting couple nearby, a hulky guy could barely fit into a small catamaran and his really boosty girlfriend looked at me flatteringly. “Dude, I can't take my eyes off your girlfriend's boobs, can I just touch them?” I asked him. Of course he was infuriated! But I reassured him with few crispy bills. Having persuaded them to hide away in the forest and having touched her impressive tits, I realized that I really want to insert my dick there. The man was emanating rage but I calmed him down getting out some more money. And so, his girlfriend slips his tits on my cock and gives me a blowjob, and I understand that I am ready to give all the money that I have, to fuck her...
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  • 49:37
    We are deception fighters and don’t like when someone tries to deceive others. This case is just about that. We got information that illegal counterfeit trafficking is taking place in our park. We took off immediately and were very surprised upon arrival. This impudent bitch tried to sell counterfeit to all passersby not hiding at all. Seeing us, she began to wrap up in a hurry but it was too late, I threw her right on the grass and my partner snapped the cuffs on the crooks' wrists. “You broke the law and you’ll go with us!” I told her. Being closed in a cage and realizing that a prison awaits her, the criminal began to actively bargain for her freedom — she offered to suck me off and lured me in exposing her juicy pussy. I’m not the one who can resist such an offer and after a couple of minutes she sucked my dick right through the bars, and then my partner enjoyed her sweet cunt.
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  • 54:13
    Since a long time ago, an unknown thief has been terrorizing our area. We only knew that the villain was pulling out the wallets from the bags of passersby somewhere in the central park. My partner and I were going to go patrolling the streets when received information that a suspicious person is hanging around the park. We left to the spot without hesitation. Our surprise knew no bounds when we got to the park and actually witnessed a crime, and thus the thief turned out to be a young girl with big boobs. Right in front of our eyes she pulled out a wallet from a gaping lady’s backpack and was immediately caught by us. This babe had such big tits, and she was so rude and swearing while sitting in the cage that I couldn’t handle myself and started playing with those tits, putting my cock between them, though my partner liked her delicious ass more.
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  • 40:57
    My partner and I were sitting in the car, preparing for patrolling the area when we noticed a suspicious girl. She, of course, did not notice us as our car holds no special identification marks, so everything happened right before our eyes. The girl put an eye on a nice BMW in the parking lot and was circling it for a long time. Then she unlocked the car, using some sort of gadget, got into the car and started the engine and rushed away. We realized that it was a hijacking and rushed after her right by the main streets of the city. Frankly, she was driving so fast that I could barely keep up with a powerful BMW engine. Turning to the country road, I was able to sharply cut her way and block any further movement. “Get out of the car, hands over your head!”, - I shouted. We decided to punish this cheeky bitch properly!
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  • 34:35
    I was waiting for my train when suddenly saw the couple breaking into the station, arguing loudly. I overheard them saying that they didn't have enough money to get the tickets. The man was over forty, but after looking at his young companion I realized that I couldn't let her go so easily. The man was worried that they wouldn't be able to leave and that they would have to sleep right at the station! "Hey, man, don't get so worked up, I have an apartment nearby, I can take you there...", - I said. We got to my apartment. I couldn't take my eyes off the girl, these boobs and hips, I wanted them right there. "Hey, dude, I think I know how to help you - I will give you money but I have one wish, I want to fuck your young girlfriend...", and now, only five minutes after, my dick was sliding into her wet pussy, and her husband, all red with anger, and cursing loudly counted my money!
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