• 36:46
    My stepsister and I are very close, although we are only stepsiblings; she treated me like a real older brother, because I always tried to help with her problems. However, this day revealed our true feelings for each other! I just sat on the couch and scrolled through the Instagram feed, as my stepsister disturbed my loneliness. She was very upset and talked about her problem with a guy. From her story, I immediately realized that he behaves like an asshole, but deciding not to upset her even more, I said that it’s better not to take such decisions in a hurry. The same day in the evening, stepsis found me in my room. She came in tears and reported that her boyfriend had cheated on her. I felt terribly sorry because she is a beautiful girl, and would be a gift to any man! I tried to reassure her, hugging a little, and immediately felt my pecker showed some interest. My stepsister also noticed this, and with surprise on her face, took it out of my pants. We looked at each other, thinking about a taboo on sexual intercourse between us, but our feelings became stronger than any prohibitions...
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  • 33:51
    My stepsister loves her boyfriend very much. Every day she waits for him to come home from work and does everything for him that he wishes. It was one of those days, this time my stepsis decided to come up with a truly delicious erotic gift. She put on her best sexy lingerie, blindfold, and began to wait for her boyfriend get home in anticipation of sexual pleasure. I went home just for a moment and was about to leave, when I heard my stepsister’s voice from her room. I stepped in out of curiosity, just to find out what she wants, but when I saw her tender body, I became very excited and did not even have time to figure out what I was doing. I took out my dick and fucked my sister properly. She took off the blindfold only after I flooded all her pretty face with sperm... her reaction scared the shit out of me!
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  • 29:00
    It was another boring day. My stepsis and I sat at a family dinner and discussed curricula with our mother. We were bored when suddenly a great idea occurred to me. I whispered to my stepsister’s ear that I want a blowjob, here and now! She motioned her finger at her temple, but I pushed her under the table. While mom was teaching us morals, my stepsis sucked my cock nicely! Stepsis liked it so much that she dragged me into another room and fucked while my mother started cleaning the house, and was walking just a few meters from us. It was extreme! Can you guess if she caught us, choosing very bad timing for entering my room, while stepsis was giving me a blowjob under the blankets?
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  • 32:07
    Recently, I witnessed the quarrels of my stepsis and her boyfriend involuntarily, but this very day surpassed all the previous ones. My stepsister's boyfriend came home tired as hell and angry as well, he just wanted to sleep, but my stepsis demanded attention. She walked in front of him almost with no clothes on, trying to seduce him with her sexy body. She wanted to appease him, but he just turned away and fell asleep... I went to their room to show her some support, because she was very upset... I hugged her a bit and immediately felt a wave of her unbridled sexual energy dragging me in. Obviously, we could not keep this under control, and after a moment, my cock was deep inside my sister. I began to fuck her right with her boyfriend sleeping nearby... But later on, the worst thing happened - he woke up...
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  • 23:43
    This shameful story happened one night. I was already fast asleep when my younger stepsis knocked on my door. She said she was scared, and asked me to let her lie down beside me. I resisted and tried to explain that I like to sleep naked, and we should not sleep together, because we are stepbro and stepsis, but she was scared, and dived under my warm blanket, asking me to gently hug her. In the morning, I a strong boner woke me up. I did not quite understand what’s happening and whose is this naked seductive ass lying next to me. I took out my cock and inserted it into someone’s soft pussy, and only then realized what had just happened...
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  • 23:03
    Alison is an attractive young lady with a huge problem – she’s in love with this shmuck named Billy. This morning, Billy told her that he can’t pay rent and the only person that can help them is his wealthy father. Nonetheless, Billy is too scared to talk to him, so it’s up to Alison to sort out this issue. The daddy was happy to see his son’s girlfriend, so he invited her in with no hesitation. - Where’s Billy? - He too much of a coward to ask for your help, - said Allie. - Yeah, I always knew he was a spineless worm. In that moment, Alison realized that she was face to face with a REAL man and that got her all hot and bothered. She lunged at him, uncovering his big cock before pleasuring his balls. Allie has never EVER experienced this kind of primal passion. She was lying there exhausted, covered in daddy’s thick spunk… Guess who decided to grow a spine at the worst possible moment?
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  • 25:54
    Jenny knows what it feels like to be on cloud nine because today is her wedding day. She dreamed about it for a long time, she kept imagining it over and over again. She’s happy, but something feels off, there’s something that... Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. It was her groom’s father, Ken. He wanted to congratulate the her and have a little heart-to-heart. Jenny ended up confessing about getting cold feet... They stared into each other’s eyes, it felt surreal, almost like a dream… The father of the groom leaned in and started kissing her. His hands caressed her naked body, making Jenny wet. He helped her out of her panties and started licking her pussy. Now Jenny could forget all about her anxiety and just live in the moment. She grabbed daddy by the dick and landed her firm booty on it. They both were ecstatic, when suddenly there was another knock on the door... A mere second passes and the door opens. It was Ken’s son, her future husband. He was livid.
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  • 24:25
    Debby is a hottie... She has beautiful red hair and gorgeous eyes, amazing legs and body. It’s a shame that a beauty like that is constantly bickering with her boyfriend. As fate would have it, she had one of those arguments on the way to her boyfriend’s dad. Things got heated that day and Debby was pushed out of the car by her boyfriend, right in front of his dad’s house. An older guy emerged from the house, attracted by the commotion. It was Bill, her boyfriend’s father. He tried to calm the girl down. He came off as such a strong and level-headed man, he said so many nice things to her. At that moment, Debby felt real affection, she felt desired and taken care of, so she decided to make a move on Bill. She inched closer to Bill and gave him a passionate kiss. After that, Debby helped him free his stiff manhood – she caressed it, she took it in her warm mouth… Right there and then, she thought about her unhinged boyfriend and smirked to herself, savoring that sweet taste of revenge.
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  • 24:20
    It all happened on a beautiful summer morning. Jenny asked her boyfriend Tom to get something for breakfast, while she was taking a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. She and Tom decided to enjoy some R&R in his dad’s home while he was away. Jenny had an amazing body and she never shied away from flaunting it, so, immediately after stepping into the terrace, she decided to ditch her panties. While enjoying her skinny-dipping session, Jenny failed to notice that a handsome man appeared behind her back. When his gaze met hers, Jenny got all self-conscious all of sudden. She was naked, after all. The handsome man was Tom’s father. He stripped naked and swam over to Jenny. He kissed her passionately on the lips. She shuffled into a more comfortable position and just gave in to temptation. It was the best sex that she has ever had, but it was somewhat sullied by her goddamn boyfriend who caught the two in the act and stood there slack-jawed and mouth agape, like a complete buffoon.
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