• 33:22
    I stumbled upon an ad with a few home appliances on sale. The price was so good that I couldn’t miss it, so I gave that person a call and agreed to pick up the stuff. When I came to the address and rang, a very sexy young lady opened the door. She was dressed in a slim-fit dress that allowed me to spot her tight ass and hips. I was going crazy about her body and realized that I was about to get something extra besides a good deal on some home appliances. She and her husband were having some financial difficulties, therefore, they were selling their stuff in order to catch up with the rent. So, I decided to help them with some cash and fuck that sweet pussy. Working up all the courage I had, I told the guy: - I’m ready to buy everything you have on one condition… I want to fuck your wife! He got furious and wanted to attack me, but his wife stopped him. I took the money out of my pocket and gave it to him. He realized that he had no other choice. The sex was amazing! It looked like she didn’t have a good fuck for quite a while, so she was all crazy and naughty like a wild cat! Her husband’s self-esteem was below zero as he was watching us fucking, trying to control his fury!
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  • 34:18
    Dirty rumors about my apartments have been circulating for a long time, and some girls flatly refused to visit my place. My legend was falling apart and I started to develop an urgent plan! Today, I went to check several rental apartments and was rather tired. It was getting dark outside, and I hoped that I would like the latter option. A slender blonde with sexy long legs opened the door. Her black skirt so tightly embraced her ass that I was taken aback for a moment! My dirty fantasies were interrupted by her boyfriend. He smiled sweetly, but was clearly unwanted here. The couple kindly showed me everything about this chic apartment, but I could not think of anything else but this sweet pussy in front of me, I wanted it right now! Deciding to try my luck, I asked her boyfriend: “Man, I’m ready to sign a long-term contract, leave a generous tip and accept any conditions, but I want your girlfriend to be the first one I’ll fuck in my new apartment!” He was furious with my insolence, and was ready to punch my face, but the bills’ rustle quickly calmed his temper...
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  • 40:45
    It was pretty cold today and I walked home quickly. There were few passers-by on the street, so I noticed a guy standing on the spot with a bouquet of flowers from afar. He was clearly lost and I decided to help him. Having met Philip and talked a little, I realized that he had a date with a girl, but he couldn’t find the place he needed. “Of course, I will help you buddy. Turn to the right and go to the end of the street.” As soon as Philip left to wander the streets of Prague, I went to meet his girlfriend! It was a blind date, and I was hoping to have a fabulous evening by posing as another guy. Coming to the right place, I noticed a lonely girl, she was utterly pretty, and her huge boobs just drove me crazy. They stuck out so defiantly from under her clothes that I could not think of anything but fucking her hard. Suddenly Philip appeared around the corner, he disclosed my deception and was very angry! “Hey, listen, I'm ready to compensate you for all the damage. Take this money and let me fuck your busty girlfriend...”
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  • 29:39
    My stepsister is one fine babe… Today’s the day I’m going to act on my persistent sexual desires! Passing through the terrace, I noticed my stepsister. She was clearly trying to not attract any attention, which seemed unusual to me. I stopped to watch the events unfold and, after a brief moment of hesitation, she pulled out a cigarette and put it between her lips. Gotcha you now, you bitch… Her father forbade her to smoke, so this here is my last chance. Without missing a beat, I approached her to begin my blackmail: - Well, what do we have here? Sis, your dad is going to be really angry at you! Don’t count on me keeping your little secrets! After giving me some of her sass, she quickly realized that I have her cornered. She instantly became more affable and cooperative! - Since you love smoking so much, I have this big and tasty cigar for ya… As soon as this hilarious remark left my mouth, I whipped out my cock – she blew me while still smoking. After that, we took a hot shower together, I used her supple body in all the possible ways! It was an unforgettable experience.
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  • 29:17
    It was a great weekend day – the sun was shining and I was getting ready to go out and do my thing. I noticed my stepsister, crawling around in the kitchen, cleaning the floor. “What’s up, stepsis? Aren’t you supposed to be at a party?”, I asked. “Exactly!”, she responded angrily, “the parents forced me to clean the house instead and now I have to stay in instead of having fun! I hate you all so much!” “Well, there’s no need to be rude. I also clean the house from time to time! Alright, I gotta go, you have fun with your mop!” The sister stopped me – “Listen, honey… I want you to help me and I’m willing to pay for it!” “Pay? I’ve got a better idea, my sweet stepsis! I wanna fuck you…”
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  • 26:09
    That day I decided to unwind after a long, hard week at work. I was enjoying a cup of joe with my eyes glued to the TV. My stepsister was bustling and hustling around while cleaning the house. The thing is, our parents forced her to clean the house today despite her plans to go to some party. After a few hours of housework, she was understandably upset and annoyed – she even tried to convince me to help her out, but I was too tired to even entertain the idea. Suddenly, her slutty short skirt gave me an idea! “Hey, stepsis, I can help you with housecleaning but there’s one condition: I want you to grant me FULL access to your pussy… It’s your call!” She didn’t know how to respond… Guess what happened next?
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  • 24:23
    I love video games more than anything else in the entire world! This month I made a challenge for myself – beating my favorite game without saving or using extra lives. This idea took over my mind completely, so the only thing I thought about that day is my sweet gaming sesh. Nonetheless, something really unexpected happened that day… Our parents decided to leave for the weekend, leaving us in charge of the house. I was playing the game, as per usual, and my stepsister kept pestering me with questions. I tried to ignore her, but she acted in a very provocative way! She was wearing a really short skirt so that I could see her underwear. She moved closer to me and started touching my “joystick”…
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  • 24:08
    That evening I came home tired as all hell, but I still wanted some release. My no-good wife was NOT in the mood. “Stop being such a bitch!” – I told her. “You MUST do whatever I say with a smile on your face!”. Ignoring my incredibly convincing arguments, she turned her bare ass to me as if to say “ain’t happening, stop pestering me.” Suddenly, my stepsister walked into the room. She overheard our argument and decided to comfort me. She placed her hand over my mouth and grabbed by the crotch. I was shocked, I gestured at my sleeping wife, but the stepsis was having none of that. She took my hard boner in her warm mouth, deepthroating it like a good slut. We fucked right in front of my sleeping wife! Wonder if she woke up?
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  • 25:04
    The night was restless. I just returned from a wicked party and could not fall asleep. After another half an hour of torment, I decided to go drink some water, but when I was in front of my stepsister’s door, I heard a noise. I crept closer, opened the door, and was dumbfounded by what I saw. Left alone in her room and thinking that everyone was already sleeping, my sister lay in her bed with her legs widely spread and masturbated her hot pussy. I quickly turned on the camera on my iPhone and started shooting. The thought that I was doing something forbidden began to arouse me. I took out my dick, and without stopping filming my stepsister, I began to jerk it off. I was about to cum right at her door, when my stepsister suddenly noticed me. She was not embarrassed at all; on the contrary, she began to moan a little louder and beckoned me closer. Obviously, she really wanted sex, and she did not care that I was her stepbrother. Clutching my excited cock tightly with her fingers, she began to gently caress a swollen excited head with her tongue and then plunged it into her mouth...
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