• 25:46
    This day Marta and Colin decided to celebrate in a special way, because it was the first anniversary of their relationship! This whole time spent together was wonderful for them, they were very happy with each other! Marta made a small but very sweet cake, and Colin was in high spirits because he had to make a wish, which Marta promised to fulfill. Colin already knew what he wanted to get today, but he was a little shy to voice it to his beloved. He blew out a candle on a cake and wrote his wish on a piece of paper. Marta smiled sweetly, for she had peaked and already knew his secret desire. They were lost in passion; Marta began kissing her man sensually, then she began to get down lower and fell right behind his sphincter, she gently pushed his buns and plunged her tongue very deep into her beloved's ass!
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  • 28:05
    It was one of the days when Andrey and Jessy decided to try something new in their romantic relationship. They often diversified their sex and this time decided to try role-play games. Andrey took the role of a professional photographer, and Jessy passionately posed in front of his camera and played a sexy model. Andrey tried to catch the best angle and show the beauty of his partner, and the photos turned out to be great! Jessy was delighted and decided to extend their love game, she threw off Andrey's camera and began to playfully caress his body, her tongue went lower and lower and now she began to slowly caress his anus. They didn’t do this before and Andrey was on the ninth cloud, he moaned with pleasure that aroused Jessy even more, she could not be stopped...
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  • 20:45
    Everyone, this is my stepsister, and she’s bugging me as hell especially when I’m busy with something important! I’ve been waiting for a long time to repay her with just the same attitude, and today, this day has come. Our parents went out and we were left alone, and my sis needed my help with math. For several hours she’s been annoying me with her endless requests tearfully asking me to help her solve a couple of problems. In the end, I couldn’t stand it: “Want me to help you? Then I have a job for you. My brain works better when the blood in my body circulates faster, so you need to suck my cock while I’m solving your problems! ” This shook her greatly; she clearly didn’t expect to hear this from her own stepbrother! But I was implacable, so she bent obediently, carefully unzipped my jeans and, just as a caring stepsister, began to suck on my cock.
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  • 38:41
    It was late in the evening, and I was on my way back home, when I suddenly noticed a familiar car in the parking lot - my old client, which I had been hunting for a long time, was sitting inside. I didn’t hesitate and immediately got into her car. “Surprise baby!” Her eyes widened; she clearly didn’t expect me to appear there. I came for my debt of $ 5,000 and now you won’t be able to escape and hide from me! Eveline Dellai was caught red-handed and she had no choice but to invite me to her home and try to negotiate! There was a bunch of boxes with snakes in her house, this is her business, and she had to sell all the snakes in order to return the money! But the boxes were still there, so as the creepy snakes inside! Eveline pulled out $ 500 and handed them to me. “Damn, this amount is too little! What if I take this $ 500 and agree to ask my boss for a respite for you, and you try to tame the big snake in my pants?”
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  • 39:45
    I was sitting on a park bench and enjoying a warm sunny day, when suddenly the sound of an incoming message interrupted my thoughts. My boss sent me another business: a young couple owed $ 5,000 and overdue all conceivable terms. The luck was that they lived nearby and I immediately set to work. Approaching that place where they lived, I noticed the bride and groom walking towards me, looking at them, I realized that these are my clients! “Wait guys, you’re the ones I really need to talk to, your love has completely clouded your brains, and you forgot about the $ 5,000 debt.” They were very surprised and didn’t expect someone to spoil their holiday! They invited me home, where they tried to agree on a respite. “Let me make an interesting offer. What if I will bare your bride’s cute ass by removing this snow-white dress from her and stuffing my dick into her sweet pussy?” Her groom was furious! But what could he do?
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  • 38:13
    There’s a debtor I have, named Jessika Redd. All I know about her is that she owes me already more than $ 2,000 and that she’s pregnant. I was already a few meters from her house, when suddenly noticed a woman with a big belly walking along the street. She carried some bags looking around suspiciously. I immediately realized - this is my client. She opened the front door and entered the house! Well, that means she cannot pretend that nobody’s home! I rang the doorbell persistently and after a while it opened; the same pregnant lady was standing on the threshold! “Good afternoon, I am a bank agent, I came to collect your debts!” She clearly wasn’t glad to see me, Jessika tried to agree on a postponement, but all the deadlines had already passed and it was impossible! “I have one immodest offer for you, I will agree on a respite from my boss, but I really want to fuck you, I have never had sex with a pregnant woman and I'm wildly excited looking at your sweet belly!” What did she decide?
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  • 42:07
    Adelle is another victim of the financial system. She sees - she likes - she buys. She doesn’t care what’s the source of the money she uses for this, because she has no money of her own for a long time, there is only bank money! She overdue payments on two credit cards for a total of $ 4,300, and I came to her home to remind her of this and also pick up something from what she purchased. For example, I loved that large TV in the living room and a nice leather sofa, as well as the Audi car in the courtyard. Adelle really didn’t like my idea. Well, for young and sexy chicks, I always have plan B. I unzipped my pants and took out my strong cock... Offer accepted?
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  • 37:27
    This baby loves high speed as she has a really fast car - Skoda RS in her possession. This expensive gift was given to her by her husband, but apparently, his love died away and he stopped paying fees for his wife’s car. I went to the place in order to close the debt issue of $ 4,600. I was ready to take the car to the impound yard, but the hostess was strongly resisting! She did not know anything about the debts for her car and began to call her husband, but his phone was not available. Victoria was upset. She didn’t want to part with her favorite toy and did the simplest and most obvious thing - she knelt in front of me, unzipped my pants, and began to suck my cock diligently... Will this help her?
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  • 37:59
    I have visited Jennifer Mendez several times already, regarding her rent debt of $ 3,500. At the beginning, she begged to postpone the debt for another week, and then simply stopped opening the door when I visited her. This time I took a spare key, but Jennifer, anticipating big problems, opened the door herself. She said that she simply does not have money, and she does not know how she will repay the debt. I lost my temper due to her impudence and started shouting and tearing off her clothes! “If you do not have money, then you’ll pay me with your cunt!”
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