• 26:06
    It was easy for me to hunt down this sexy ebony beautie; it's not hard to notice her roaming the snow-covered streets. It wasn’t hard for me to use my lock pick to enter her apartment, either. Huge surprise, huh? You owe $6,000, here's hoping those fancy clothes were worth it! You shouldn't have racked up this kind of debt, but I'm willing to let you off the hook if you're gonna suck my dick and let me spend some quality time with that tight black ass of yours…
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  • 37:56
    It was hard for me to hunt down this cute babe: she was buying stuff at the speed of light, so I always ended up arriving five minutes too late. The staff told me that she was at another store, shopping. With that information, I managed to track her down to the apartment. I was shocked to see her husband open the door. He did not know about her addiction and huge debts she managed to rack up. He had no money to pay off the debts, either. After a quick conversation, we came to an agreement – this slut needs to be punished, so it's up for me to fuck all of her orifices, including that tight ass of hers. The husband will oversee the process, making sure I fucked her good.
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  • 30:37
    I did suspect that there was something fishy about it. It's not every day you see a woman taking a loan in order to purchase weapons. Still, the photo I saw was of a cute, seductive blondie, so my lower brain pretty much took the driver's seat here. That was pretty shocking when, after tracking her down on the street, I was her turning around and asking me what the fuck do I want from her. Nonetheless, my dick got hard and I continued following her. It really took me by surprise when she tied my arms, sat on my face, and fucked me hard… my dick was VERY happy though.
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  • 28:53
    It's freezing outside today, so I decided to track the girl without leaving my car. Believe it or not, I haven't had any in a while, so my morning wood was driving me fucking crazy. Here she is – I start rubbing hands before motioning her to come sit in my car. Honey, you owe us $3,000 for that boob job. You have two choices – you either cover the entire sum (plus interest) or blow me in the car. Guess what she ended up choosing?
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  • 33:41
    This cunning hottie is knee deep in debt because she purchased a luxury car without even attempting to pay the $10,000 she owes. I tracked her down to the apartment, posing as a neighbor in an attempt to get closer to the target. We stepped into the elevator together and that's when I exposed my ruse! You owe a lot! That was a mistake – she whimpered… Naturally, I shoved my cock down her throat to prevent those pathetic excuses from escaping her mouth. After I entered her tight hole from behind, the only sounds she could make - were loud moans…
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  • 35:34
    Finally, I tracked this ginger bitch down. She was hiding in an apartment on the outskirts of the town. I was the only one able to find her. Who didn't pay the $1,800 for that huge TV? It doesn't matter how good you are at making cute puppy dog eyes or feeding us empty promises. The time has come for you to pay up, baby! Open up your sweet whore mouth so I could shove my big dick down your throat…
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  • 30:13
    It took me A LONG time to track down this hot-ass blondie. She owed us $2,000, used to purchase fancy furniture. Unsurprisingly, she "forgot" to pay up so now she's doing her best to cover up the tracks. I followed her to the apartment but she refused to let me in, screaming obscenities into my face! No matter how smart you think you are, I ALWAYS get what I came for… That's why you're gonna let me in and then you're gonna let me inside of you…
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  • 30:20
    This fine young lady is in some serious trouble right now. She was granted a loan ($4,000) for new smartphone and laptop, but she forgot to pay the interest. Well, it's her lucky day – a noble gentleman such as myself will never smash her fingers with a hammer or anything like. What I'll have her do instead is wrap those pretty fingers around my cock, so it'd be easier for her to shove it in her mouth. She was able to avoid trouble due to my kindness. A huge load on your face is not that big of a price to pay…
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  • 36:20
    I was wandering around Prague, when I suddenly noticed a happy couple of newlyweds, posing for their wedding album. I began to watch them and imbued with their happiness so much that I did not notice strong arousal that swept over me. We talked a bit, and I offered the husband to buy his wedding night and fuck his wife. Despite his reluctance, the money ruled in my favor, so a bit later his wife was giving me a BJ right in her white wedding dress, while he watched it. They will never forget such a wedding.
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