• 37:04
    It was raining outside and Claire was in a very anxious mood, her husband went on a business trip three weeks ago and today he was supposed to be back. In the morning, she was getting ready to meet him, prepared a delicious dinner and set a perfect order in the house. Claire missed him very much and wanted to please her lover, and so she put on an open peignoir to become her perfect lover for her husband! As soon as Greg got home, Claire immediately threw herself into his arms, she gently hugged her man and kissed his lips, looked into his deep blue eyes and immediately felt a frantic surge of excitement, a burning desire seized her, and she began to undress Greg on the spot. Today she wanted to show him how much she values him. Greg lay on his stomach, and Claire began to passionately caress his anus, she slowly licked it with the tip of her tongue, and Greg moaned with unearthly pleasure!
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  • 34:49
    This is a special spa for men, and it provides high service to all customers. While Kevin was swimming in the pool, a bottle of chilled champagne, a warm towel and a luxurious blonde, ready to fulfill his every desire, were waiting for him beside a deck chair. The girl was yearning with desire to please this guy, because he was always very generous and left a good tip. She knew how to lure him into her arms as soon as possible, so she poured champagne into the glass and handed it to Kevin. When he emerged from the water, the hot blonde began to carefully wipe his body with a warm towel, gradually flexing his sturdy muscles. She was very gentle getting lower and lower, but the most interesting thing began when she got to his butt. The girl carefully spread his buns and plunged her tongue deep into his anus, this was a real VIP service.
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  • 42:55
    Elena hardly persuaded the best photographer in the city to have a professional photo shoot with her, she needed a beautiful portfolio for the Tinder and she tried very hard to show her best sides. John was magnificent, he was very expert in handling the camera and professionally guided Elena as a model. He is a very handsome man, Helena thought, and it would probably be nice to have a friend like John. She began to pose more and more at ease and simply began to take off her clothes, exposing her gorgeous body. Jack, too, was fascinated by the shooting and a truly beautiful woman, he didn’t notice how it came to that Elena was completely naked, she pulled him closer to her, unzipped his jeans and took John's thick and hot cock in her mouth. But Elena had a special desire, turning him around a bit, she got to John's anus and began to lick it passionately.
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  • 47:17
    Sarah and Anna are two twin sisters, they are very sexy, and they like to joke around using their similarity. On this day, Sarah woke up in a very playful mood, and her boyfriend was sleeping peacefully, not suspecting a prank was waiting for him in a minute. Sarah persuaded her sister Anna to go to bed with her boyfriend, pretending to be her. Anna gladly accepted the conditions of the game; she lay down next to him and began to caress the man gently, posing for his beloved. She was so carried away by the process that she did not notice the moment when she started sucking his cock. The man moaned with pleasure, but Sarah interrupted their idyll. She was surprised how far their prank went and a little jealous of her boyfriend. Sarah decided to prove Anna and her boyfriend her unsurpassed sex and give him unearthly pleasure, gently caressing his anus with her tongue. Anna also wanted to try something new, and the sisters took turns licking the lucky hole of this lucky one.
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  • 49:09
    Jack was very annoyed today, because he received a monthly statement from the bank, where he noticed several very unpleasant expenses for a rather large total amount! Who did this? Of course, his wife! Jack approached her with a bank statement and said that their budget situation was critical and most likely he would have to take a new loan to close the financial hole in the budget. Rachel is very kind and a cute housewife rarely bothers with such things as financial planning, she simply succumbed to the temptation in one of the shopping centers and bought herself a couple of pleasant trinkets, she didn’t think that this would result in such problems for them. Rachel was very upset and felt wildly guilty before her husband, she saw that he was in despair and wanted to make him comfortable. Rachel hugged him and began to kiss passionately, at first, she caressed his ears, then moved to his lips, and then went down and took his cock, but she wanted to do something very special for her husband, she turned him, stood facing his back and got her tongue into his anus...
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  • 31:51
    It wasn’t an easy day for Frank. He is a car mechanic, and today he had a lot of hard work. The day was already coming to an end, but he was head over heels busy repairing another car. He did not have enough time for rest for so long that there was no time even to have lunch. Repair was hard, the nuts did not want to be loosened, and the spare parts seemed utterly heavy. It was obvious that the man was very tired and needed a rest. Suddenly, a spectacular girl with a short haircut entered the car repair shop; it was Frank's friend Helen. She was worried that he had not come for dinner, and decided to visit him. Her huge boobs and great ass cheered up Frank a little. He was very happy to see Helen! She looked around and immediately realized that her man needed a good rest. Helene came closer, hugged Frank, and without hesitation began to take off his coveralls. He looked so brutal and defiant, it was incredibly exciting for Helen, and she decided to do something special for him. Helene walked behind him, knelt down and began to caress gently his anus...
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  • 39:13
    Sam woke up in a special mood. Today was a day off, and there was no hurry. His magnificent girlfriend was sleeping nearby, and he decided to stay in bed for a bit more. The girl was much younger than he was, she had a gorgeous slim figure, and her blond hair made her look like an angel. Sam wanted to tone himself. He took out a smartphone and decided to watch some porn. After a long sleep - a slight excitement was just what we needed. He went to one of the new sites with high-quality video - The videos on the site were great! And most importantly, he saw what he had wanted to try in sex for a long time... It turned him on so much that he lost all composure. Sam woke his girlfriend, took off his clothes and lay down so that his buttocks were right in front of her face. The blonde immediately realized his secret desire and began to gently caress his anus...
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  • 25:14
    Artem checked his watch impatiently. The courier was supposed to bring his brand new smartphone any minute. The doorbell rang, and Artem was ready to enjoy the pleasure of the new gadget, but when he opened the door, he was a little taken aback. The courier turned out to be a very beautiful and sexy kitty. Artem immediately forgot about the new smartphone, now he wanted to play with a completely different toy. He hugged the girl and began to unfasten her jacket. The baby was only happy with his initiative, because she had just received a good tip. They did not even know each other, but the more interesting became their sexual game. The girl decided to give this nice guy a small bonus. She pushed his buns apart and began to gently slide her tongue around his sphincter... it was an unforgettable experience!
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  • 39:12
    It was a beautiful sunny morning, and Maria woke up in an exceptional mood. She decided that this day should be unforgettable for her, and she will try something new. Her boyfriend was still sleeping, and she had the great idea how she could wake him in a special way. She threw off the blanket and began to masturbate gently; her pussy was very sensitive today. She felt every touch, and it gave her true pleasure. Maria was already burning with desire... She looked at her sleeping boyfriend, at his seductive ass and realized what exactly she wanted. She clung to his buttocks and began to move her tongue around his anus hole carefully. Maria noticed his cock began to grow harder, and it was a good sign. She continued her gentle caresses, and completely relaxed, eagerly began to lick his anus...
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