• 42:43
    It was a gloomy day and I was walking around Prague’s city center with my camera on. I didn’t have anything planned that day, so I was looking for something fun to do. Suddenly, I noticed a very hot 18-20 years old girl with her father. They were arguing about the money and I overheard a part of their conversation. I do agree with him that Prague is an expensive city, so it’s really hard for him to support his daughter living here. I wish you could see this beautiful girl, wearing her red dress… She’s a pure angel, that’s why my demons were really attracted to her, making me do anything in order to shove my dick inside of her pussy. I need to say that her father almost beat the shit out of me when I first proposed to fuck his daughter, but several bills have changed his mind and allowed me to enjoy her teen body!
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  • 35:14
    I woke up this morning with a wild desire to fuck. My cock was rock hard and I couldn’t make it feel at ease. An image of my ex-GF, that sweetie with chic hips and puffy lips, surfaced in my mind. I wanted sex like I’ve never had in my life before. But there was a problem - we didn’t communicate with her for a long time, and I lost her phone number. “Hey man, that won’t work!“ I said to myself, “we've gotta do something, find that babe and fuck her.” I bought flowers which I knew would make her pussy go wet as it always did in the past, and headed to her place. She opened the door for me, and she looked even better than before. But then the truth striked me - she was married! Incredible... when did she managed to marry this hunk? I didn’t know what to do. I stood there and wanted her. My cock lusted for her mouth; and her husband looked at me, scrutinizing. You think that was it? Or that they kicked me out? No! I was so shocked when her husband suggested me to fuck her so that he could watch. I can not describe it with words, that was a bang I must say... I shoved my dick in all her holes, and her hubby was jerking off with pleasure. Oh boy, you should watch this right now.
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  • 32:19
    Jennifer has been reading some magazines and recently found out about rimming, a new way to sexually please her partner. Her nipples became hard and her pussy got wet, while she was reading about it. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of shame and submissiveness that she would get from licking her partner’s anus. She wanted to show him that she’s one of the most open-minded and amazing girls ever. This morning she was waiting for him to get into the shower, so she could finally surprise him with rimming. All of her body was shining with excitement, while she was taking her clothes off. She got into the shower with him and began to gently caress his body. He was very surprised when she got on her knees and started licking his asshole while also jerking him off. This kind of morning shower routine is a dream for every man…
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  • 29:32
    Right from an early morning a craftsman was working at Eveline’s place. He was checking the appliances in the kitchen, making sure that everything worked fine. This time she got a handsome young fellow, who was wearing a tight jumpsuit that made him look even hotter. Eveline couldn’t resist the temptation to seduce him, so she took off all of her clothes and entered the room. He was so busy with his work that he didn’t even notice her. She grabbed his nice ass and started undressing him. Eveline was so turned on that in the heat of passion she ended up licking his anus. Both of them enjoyed it a lot. A rimjob from such a remarkable girl as Eveline was definitely a good tip for his quality service.
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  • 38:41
    I was walking down the street when suddenly I spotted a young couple. They looked sad and I got the feeling that something is wrong. I approached them and asked how they were doing. The guy looked tough and he gazed at me angrily, but the girl gave me a smile. She was the type of girls I like, with a tight ass and a good-looking face. - What’s up, babe? She took off her sunglasses and I saw a big black eye that she was hiding. Her husband started to make some excuses up but I quickly interrupted him. - I see you’ve got some problems with the cash, I want to help you out. I’ll pay a few hundred dollars to have sex with your wife, what would you say about that?
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  • 36:24
    Paula entered the room to see her boyfriend wearing a VR set. He obviously wasn’t expecting anyone as evidenced by the fact that he was buck naked and masturbating. She wasn’t exactly pleased with this discovery because she thought that she was enough to fulfill ALL of his needs. She couldn’t possibly imagine what was so exciting for him; perhaps it was something that she could do. Then she realized that she can give him pleasure in the real world! She helped him out of his VR set before going to town on his cock. The guy closed his eyes in pleasure when Paula decided to gift him with a new experience… She focused her attention on his ass, she began to lick his anus… He let out a moan before tossing his VR set away…
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  • 29:01
    Kate woke up to pleasant smells from the kitchen. She instantly realized that she had a great day ahead of her, which, in turn, raised her spirits. Throwing on a light dress, she entered the kitchen. There was a delicious surprise waiting for her there – her beloved husband was only wearing an apron whilst preparing a nice meal for her. With a barrage of warm feelings overwhelming her, Kate embraced her man. She planted a kiss on his warm lips and immediately felt his cock tense up. Since today is full of surprises, she decided to do something special for him as well! The woman slid down to her knees before burying her tender tongue in his anus – it was a marvelous morning rimjob!
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  • 48:44
    - Look, stepsister, I wanna play this fun game, alright? I give you a task and if you do it, then I’ll pay you. If you fail then you’ll have to accept my punishment! The stepsister agreed without giving my proposal any serious consideration since I already pulled a wad of cash from my pocket. - I want you to lick my foot! She stopped to think for a second. With a little frown on her face, she leaned in and licked my foot. - Jeez! Didn’t know you were THAT brave! OK, now it’s your turn… What did you say? You want me to lick my own cock? Are you for real? Alright, I accept your challenge, but here’s the deal – if I fail, you can have ALL my money, but if I manage to blow myself… I’ll take you to the bed and fuck you hard despite you being my stepsis and all that! Let’s go…
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  • 33:30
    Estelle woke up happy – there was a beautiful wedding gown lying next to her bed. It was her special day, the one she waited for her entire life. The groom walked in through the door, wearing a classic black tux that did a great job of showcasing his broad shoulders and making him look even manlier. He leaned in gently, the eyes brimming with care – he wanted to help Estelle with her shoes. She looked at him lovingly, unable to believe that in a few short hours this wonderful man is going to become her husband! The wedding night was still a long way off, but Estelle was overwhelmed with affection, she wanted to treat her husband to a very special passion session, the one that will make him remember this blissful day for the rest of his life. She kneeled before him, still wearing that gown, she helped him take off his pants and started licking his ass. She alternated between rimming and sucking his manhood, so he’d never forget his wedding day romp…
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