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That’s MY toothbrush… and that’s MY cock!

  • Sis
  • 2021-07-14
  • 10714
It began like any other evening: I was prepping to spend a few minutes washing up before bed… but my sister got to the bathroom before me. The bitch refused to let me in and got real mad once she realized I used her toothbrush. Gimme a break! It’s not like we’re strangers or something, right? We’ve been swapping bacteria ever since our folks moved in together. I shit you not, her response was: “You’re not my REAL brother! Oh, and by the way, if you don’t care about the toothbrush maybe I should blow you as well?” I was stunned, to say the least, but, hey, it would be stupid to say “no” to an impromptu blowjob! Also, my stepsister is a fine-ass vixen, so my hard cock responded with a resounding “YES!”
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