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You have to repay the debt or suck me off, Snake Queen!

It was late in the evening, and I was on my way back home, when I suddenly noticed a familiar car in the parking lot - my old client, which I had been hunting for a long time, was sitting inside. I didn’t hesitate and immediately got into her car. “Surprise baby!” Her eyes widened; she clearly didn’t expect me to appear there. I came for my debt of $ 5,000 and now you won’t be able to escape and hide from me! Eveline Dellai was caught red-handed and she had no choice but to invite me to her home and try to negotiate! There was a bunch of boxes with snakes in her house, this is her business, and she had to sell all the snakes in order to return the money! But the boxes were still there, so as the creepy snakes inside! Eveline pulled out $ 500 and handed them to me. “Damn, this amount is too little! What if I take this $ 500 and agree to ask my boss for a respite for you, and you try to tame the big snake in my pants?”
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